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We hired them to move us from CA to MT.They gave us a quote of 1220.00 for 300cf.

When they came to pick up our things we asked them to please only put the 300cf on the truck, the movers said on problem. But after loading it they informed us it was 525cf and the price went up to 3000.00. We had to pay 60% up front but we gave them 2000.00 with the paper work and understanding they would meet us at our storage place between the 15th 17th because we were going back to Ca the 18th. we tried calling them to see when the would be there but only got their voice mail and left many messages.

On the 17th they called us to say the hadn't even left CA. So we had to leave 1000.00 with the owner of the storage place so they would bring our things . Today is June 19 and we do not have our things. We have called and E-mailed them at least 15 times and they have replied only 3 times only after I told them I was calling a lawyer and the BBB.

Today they said it would be in MT the 21st.

If they are not there on the 21st I am going to file a stolen property report in MT and CA.

Review about: Movers.



They also scammed me about the same, but they kept all of my electronics, my safe and several other items. I complained repeatedly however they only responded when I left a Yelp review that described them wrecking my life.

Their method of responding was to complain about the review, then blame me, then insult me. These people are not fit to operate a moving company in my opinion.


The exact same thing happened to me my quote went from 1200 up to 3000.They never return calls, they hired another company to deliver my items.

That company screamed at me, cussed me out, and some of my items were damaged. Swift claimed it was done before they loaded my items which is untrue. I have reported them to the BBB and I refuse to communicate with them via phone.

Since they always change their story I now have to have everything in writing.I am in process of waiting for the results from the BBB and may have to hire a lawyer.

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